Objects That Exist In My Head

Objects That Exist In My Head; Tools and Devices


Tool to turn all the electricity around you into knowledge only your heart will understand – in a practical and reassuring way


Tool for defining oneself in space


Tool for whispering to trees


Feedback loop device for your heart and your hands…..or someone else’s hands


Tool to wash the creases out of laughter


Device to produce movement through music to your fingertips to produce greater clarity in your written words


Tool to chew your worries and spit them out as shiny stones


Tool to taste the tears of the moon


Electrical device to channel the essence of a dewy English moor into a sidewalk of an American Midwest suburb


Tool to touch infinity, both the beginning and the end


Tool for smelling a bee’s buzz


Tool that turns each breath into a different colour that relates to each one of your cells and creates your own internal infinite spectrum


Tool to hear weeds pollinate and take over the world


Tool for catching and keeping 5 minutes of sunlight that will last forever


Tool to recover all the tears in the world to create a pool to heal the sick


Tool to turn your robotic heart to dust


Tool to flush the butterflies up and out of your mouth


Feedback loop device to facilitate communication between the stars and your tongue, allowing the universe to emit from your mouth


Device to pick up the ebb and flow of the tides and to feel it in your abdomen


Tool for welcoming Venus into your heart



Tool to link your intuition with each cloud that passes you by


Tool that acknowledges and enhances the magickal aspects under the surface of things you touch


Tool that turns colour into sounds that you can hear in your toes


Tool for understanding mountains