Stephanie’s practice has taken different directions and mediums over the years, as much of her work is project based. She has worked in sculpture, installation, photography, collage and video. Some things that connect her work and research are the attention to objects and materials as they relate to the human and our perception and phenomena of experiencing the world. There is a special attention to wonder, speculation and the limits of human understanding and expression. Her latest project, Collaborating with Objects, Stardust and Billion Year Old Carbon presents the artist’s idea of melding distinct taxonomies - of all earthly elements slowly coming together to an entropic place. The use of narrative and speculative fiction in conjunction with current ecological and geological circumstances gives Cormier a generative process to create an eco system of new forms. These hybrids are futuristic artifacts that suppose a gradual metamorphosis in geologic time. They blend nature and synthetic plastics, cross mediums and flip between the tangible and the implied. 


Stephanie Cormier was born in Montreal, Canada, has lived in the Caribbean, and the UK and currently lives in Toronto. Stephanie completed her BFA at OCADU and holds an MFA from The University of Guelph. Her work has been exhibited across Canada as well as internationally, she has earned several national grants and awards and her work can be found in the Carte Blanche Photographers Book I and Imago Mundi, Out Of The Bush Garden, Contemporary Artists From Central Eastern Canada.