This series of large-scale fabric artworks arose from a desire to obscure the boundaries between the needs of humans and those of nature or objects.


The series includes ‘Quilt for a Tree’. This piece is made from recycled bed sheets and is hand quilted. It resembles the shape of a tree, is geometric, yet also organic in its form, and has straps and loops to more easily indicate how it could wrap around a tree. Different colours and types of fabric could indicate special areas of care or nurturing the tree might need. Like other past works, there is a reliance on both form and language (title) to bring a whimsical or absurd narrative to the work.

Another sculpture ‘Covering For Cut Granite’ is more three-dimensional with jagged edges to ‘cover’ the imagined crags of a piece of cut rock. It has straps to hang from the ceiling letting the shape expand but also slightly sag in the absence of an actual rock.


This work has largely been made out of the studio and in the home - drawing from the practice of women’s work, the domestic space, using what is at hand, and recycling everyday ‘stuff’.

Most of the fabric is salvaged bed sheets, some of the other components in the artworks are wood from old furniture, and fused plastic bags.


This work was made with assistance from The Ontario Arts Council